• Values and purpose are essential for an organization’s strategy and accomplishments, especially in an emerging environment.

  • The veracity and verifiability of an organization’s process

  • Ignites and sustains high performance

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Organizations and individuals are energized by Values, motivated by Purpose, guided by Mission and attracted by Vision. Quantum Advisory Services provides leaders with actionable responses to emerging events and trends in today’s rapidly changing global environment.



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Values are the essential qualities embraced by individuals and organizations that determine their outcome.


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Purpose defines individuals and organizations. It is the reason for existence. It is outward facing and behaviorally concretized.


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Vision is the compelling attractor, an end state that organizations aspire to that is in the distant future. It continually challenges individuals and organizations to strive for accomplishments that lie beyond their comfort zone.


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Mission speaks to what an individual or organization does to follow its chosen path toward realizing its purpose and vision, so that the desired outcome is achieved.